Geelong Fun Party Packages

August 2, 2016

Party PlanningHot dog machine for Geelong kids party

When it comes to organising a party even the most detailed plan will be nowhere near as big as the event.  There is the entertainment to consider, what food to feed those invited and the preparation and serving of it along with setting it up.

You may not have the kitchen space to prepare food,  enough tables and chairs and no idea on how to keep kids entertained throughout.

Often the hosts miss out on the actual party because they are too busy trying to do it all unaware there is a simple affordable solution.

Rather than rushing back to the kitchen to bring out half heated party food and going AWOL from a party you have planned, have All For Kids Party Hire help.  They can  provide you with some great options for feeding your guests and keeping them entertained.

Party Machines Geelong and Beyond

All For Kids Party Hire have a variety of food party machines that take away the stress and allow you to enjoy your event.

Make your party impressive with their  party machine hire.  You can choose from a fairy floss, hot dog, pop corn, soft serve, hot chocolate and slushy machine hire to keep hungry guests satisfied while injecting lots of fun.

“We hired a package deal for our daughter’s birthday.  It would be an understatement to say that guests were impressed when they walked in. Everyone was blown away with the set up and their reaction was an awesome start to the party.  The kids ran to the play centre to you and jumping castle and after playing they certainly had an appetite. “  Renee from Geelong commented.  “The food was fun and easy to serve and it was great that we didn’t have to leave guests as it was all there among us.”

The fairy floss, hot dog and popcorn machines create a real carnival feel where parents can relive the fun taste of their childhood. The kids will be excited to see party food served in such a unique way.  You can choose from single food party machines or individual amusement hire or check out the package deals that All For Kids Party Hire have.

“We have three package deals to choose from but can discuss an option or work out a package deal to suit you.”  Tania from All For Kids Party Hire said.  “The packages start with the food machines and tables and chairs but the most popular is our Party Package 3 which includes the play centre to you and jumping castle along with the party food machines.”

Popcorn machine hire GeelongEach  party machine is dropped off clean and set up for you.

“We were given tutorials on how to use the machines which was fantastic.  They are easy to use and the amount of fairy floss and popcorn that comes with the package is fantastic, more than enough for close to the 40 people who ended up attending.”  Said Ayla who hired a package deal for her daughter Sadie’s fifth birthday.

Should you not want to use the party machines yourself, All For Kids Party Hire can organise an attendant to do it all for you.

The list of food machines and equipment is vast and aside from all that already mentioned ranges from water dispensers, pie warmers,  chocolate fountains, candy jars and more.

If you’re looking for party machines or equipment in Melbourne and Geelong there’s only one place you need to go.

All For Kids Party Hire all your party food and entertainment covered for any event of special occasion.

Geelong kids party fairy floss