Play Centre To You – Mobile Play Centre

May 13, 2016

Wanting a unique active idea for your child’s party?IMG_0121

Anyone who has thrown a children’s party knows that planning activities to keep them engaged is difficult enough but to get a group of kids together at a party to listen or sit for longer than it takes to eat a piece of cake is near impossible.

How can you keep a bunch of boisterous kids entertained for a couple of hours?

All for Kids Party Hire has done it again bringing you the latest in amusements for parties with their  Play Centre to You, Mobile Play Centre.

The Play Centre to You, Mobile Play Centre is an amazing enclosed play space that can be put in your front yard, back yard, large shed or any venue to give children a fun active experience.

Danielle Vassallo who hired the play centre for her son’s first birthday party said “The best thing about The Play Centre to You, Mobile Play Centre was that all of the children could play in a safe, enclosed space where parents could supervise with ease. It also was a great size for the space we had and looked amazing when you walked in!”

The Play Centre to You, Mobile Play Centre have been a hit for many events from  weddings, school events , festival, fetes and even play groups to give the kids a unique experience while the parents catch up.

Some adult events such as a  wedding  can be a bit boring for kids but with the Play Centre to You, the kids can keep themselves entertained while parents enjoy the day.   The netting allows parents to see their children playing within a safe space and is great for any time of the year with a rain and sun cover.

“It made our day so much easier because we didn’t have to worry about the kids being bored or just running amok. They could have fun on the play centre and in the ball pit together. They had their own special place to play and enjoy the party together” said Danielle.

Ideal for children from 1- 12 years of age the bright colourful play centre has a huge ball pit, multiple level climbs, steps and slide are all padded and safe for little ones to crawl on and over and give endless fun.  It is suitable for up to twenty children and can be set up inside or out.

Danielle’s guest were also impressed.  “The best thing about the play centre was that all of the children at the party could play – When the guests arrived they were amazed at the play centre. It was something unique that they hadn’t seen before.”

All for Kids Party Hire deliver from Geelong, Bellarine, Surf Coast and to Melbourne with great service and with other hire products such as Jumping Castles and Photo Booths, your party big or small will be remembered.

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