Soft Play To You: Kids Soft Play Equipment Hire in Geelong

August 8, 2016

The Latest Party Hire Equipment for Bubs and Toddlers

If you’re looking for a big new idea for a little person’s party then you must call All For Kids Party Hire.
All For Kids Party Hire are constantly looking for new equipment to make parties fun and memorable.  They have done it again by introducing to their extensive range of party play equipment, the new Soft Play To You.

This mini obstacle course for kids from 0-5 years of age  is soft and spongy, colourful and fun.

“We are very excited to offer the Soft Play to You for hire as it gives the bubs and toddlers a great little area that you would only ever find in play centres.  It’s perfect for bubs and toddlers and you can have it in your home, outside or any indoor or outdoor area.” Tania from All For Kids Party Hire said.

The Soft Play To You would be perfect for any party or corporate function allowing bubs and toddlers a soft area to play in with age appropriate equipment.

“We don’t charge for the mats and fencing, they are part of the package which is an added bonus. We know little ones can wander and roll endlessly and having the fencing and matting included without the extra cost, gives parents extra peace of mind while saving them money, “said Tania.

Soft Play Equipment Hire: Perfect for Bubs and Toddlers

The ball pit is 1.5 metres square with 2000 balls where your little ones can sit in delight alone or with a bunch of other toddlers having heaps of fun.

The Soft Play to You will be an impressive feature at your party or function where bubs and toddlers can kick off their shoes and play in the ball pit, climb up the mini steps, head down the perfect size slide  and climb through tunnels.   The spongy feel is soft for toddlers and bubs to roll and tumble upon endlessly.

“I loved how colourful it was when viewing it and I know my little one is going to love it.   I wanted to have my one year old’s birthday at home but at that age party games aren’t an option.  The Soft Play To You means the kids can play safely and I won’t have to drag out toys and pack up an endless mess at the end.  It will be all confined in the fencing, it’s all super soft including the matting and a totally original option I hadn’t thought of.”  Rachel said when booking it.

You can hire the Soft Play To You on its own or add any of All For Kids Party Hire incredible activities, equipment or machines.

*Although made specifically for little ones we always specify that kids should have parental supervision.

All For Kids Party Hire’s Geelong party hire service even provides party amusements that the kids and adults can enjoy together in the form of photo booths. We have Capture It Photo Booths to suit both kids and adults, providing a fun way to capture memories together.

We pride ourselves on providing fun, relaxing and stress-free parties and events for both adults and kids. Contact All For Kids Party Hire today to discuss package options to suit your needs.