Geelong balloon twisting & sculpting

Available for parties across Melbourne and the surrounding areas

Have you ever wondered how to twist balloons into shapes and objects? Ever wanted to try it or learn how so you can entertain your kids? Or would you just love to have someone provide this entertainment at your kids’ birthday party? At All For Kids Party Hire, we pride ourselves on our unique balloon twisting service, which is by far our most popular service. We also provide our balloon twisting for Geelong birthday parties at an affordable price.

Our professional staff can assist you, your children and guests to bend and twist balloons into various party props. All For Kids Party Hire staff members can alter balloons according to themes of parties or events, meaning it’s not just a service for kids’ birthday parties but for any occasion. We can incorporate creative balloon twisting to add a unique touch to anything from Geelong weddings and events, to kids’ parties, christenings or even school markets or fetes.

Like everything we do and all of our Geelong party hire equipment, the balloons we use are professional standard and high quality. There are plenty of cheap brands out there on the market with balloons that break easily and don’t stand up to the rigors of a party. We avoid these suppliers at all costs because, simply, the quality isn’t there for what we want to provide to our customers. At All For Kids Party Hire, we have our own supplier of balloons and we can guarantee outstanding quality. The balloons we use for our popular balloon twisting service are even toddler-proof and have a greater chance of remaining intact.

Call us today if you have any questions regarding our renowned balloon twisting and skilled balloon twisters, which is part of All For Kids Party Hire’s entertainment services across Geelong, Melbourne, the Surf Coast and Bellarine Peninsula.