Food For Thought For Your Next Function

March 24, 2017

Popcorn machine hire GeelongAs important as the entertainment is at parties, one thing that all parties must have to keep the guests happy is food. No one is going to be enjoying themselves on an empty stomach, so food is a must. However, that does not mean having to hire an expensive caterer. All For Kids Party Hire have a wide range of food machines for hire to tickle all the different taste buds of your guests, especially the little ones, and this goes at any type of function you may be hosting.

Naturally, we provide all the favourite foods everyone loves. Although parents normally tell their children not to eat too many sweets, the parents will want to indulge themselves in some classic party food, of course. Our popcorn machine and cart is one of our most popular machines; the enticing smell that is impossible to ignore and even harder to not give in to when you go to the movies is always a delight at parties. Popcorn bags, oil, salt and popcorn are provided, and there is the choice of catering for 50 serves or 100 serves or more. The starting price of $85.

If you thought popcorn left a dry mouth yet could make you salivate, just wait until you try our fairy floss machine and cart. This brightly colourful treat has always been a party favourite, and for good reason. The thick yet unusual taste of this treat is sure to make everyone happy, and that is well and truly worth seeing the smiles on the children’s faces, and adults for that matter. The starting price of $85.

If you are interested in something hotter and meatier, then you cannot go past the party favourite of hotdogs. Although you would have to provide the bread and meat yourself, our hotdog machine would be a winner at your party and the aroma in itself is worth it. The starting price of $60.

With all that food, you will need a nice refreshing drink, and what better way to do that than with our slushie machine. They can be used for either slushies at kids parties, or for daiquiris for adults parties; either way, these colourful drinks both look and taste fun. The starting price of $165, and included are 100-120 serves with 50 cups and spoons.

Great food should always be topped off with mouthwatering ice cream, and what better way to top off all the food they have had with than our soft serve ice cream machine. This dessert classic is a guaranteed hit with your guests who won’t be able to help themselves when they see the white swirled cream slowly, and almost teasingly, come out of the machine. The starting price is $165, this includes 50 cups for approximately 50 serves.

However, if you want to add a bit of class and sophistication to your party, then look no further than our chocolate fountain, because everything tastes better with chocolate. With five tiers of chocolate flowing, if this does not get peoples’ mouths watering, nothing will. The starting price is $180 to hire, all this Cadbury chocolate that is provided will be heaven for anyone with a sweet tooth.

All For Kids Party Hire know how expensive and time consuming parties can be. So if you are planning to host any children’s birthday parties, corporate events, school fetes, fundraisers, or any type of party, why not contact us at either 0425 738 521 or [email protected] to hire our machines and our staff to make your party both easy and fun?